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AC Systems® Magnetic Nasal Breathing Enhancement Technology

The purpose of the AC Band is to enhance your nose breathing ability by opening your nasal passageways. The AC Band is a two part system. The first part includes stickers which go on either side of your nose. The stickers each have a steel disk embedded in the center. The second part is a plastic band with magnets on both ends.

Great for Motocross, Mountain biking, Biking, Running and Training.

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AC Magnetic applicator


AC Nose Strip Multi-Pack




Riley Harper || MTB

“I first tried the AC Systems stuff when it was a moto goggle clip. I remember feeling a noticeable difference in ease of breathing. I didn’t get a chance to moto in that other than the one time. Now that its a nose band and can be used for anything, I have been able to help test the band. I’d been mountain biking allot already when I first got the band. The difference was pretty amazing when I rode in the band. I was able to go longer and harder with greater ease. My recovery was a super noticeable difference at the end of a hard effort. I won’t ride without it. Recently I used it snowbarding. It really blew my mind up in the mountains. I did a few runs without it and then put it on. It was a massive difference in my leg endurance.”

Logan Holladay || MOTO

“I’ve been riding and racing motorcycles for 26 years. Arm pump was always an issue for me, as it seems to be for most people. Since I started using the AC nose band my arm pump has been reduced and my stamina has improved.

I don’t feel comfortable exercising without it anymore.”

Sean Pitts || CYCLIST

“As a competitive cyclist and triathlete who is a regular working guy who can’t always find time to train, I’m always looking for ways to increase my performance. When my friend, Dave Castillo, told me about this breathing system they were working on… I was excited to try it.  After my first training session, I knew I was hooked. My heart rate was lower and all performance measures were enhanced significantly over my previous training rides.  And the best thing was, I just felt faster using it.  My first race using it was one of the best races of my life and I set a personal record. This device is a total game changer. …by the way I’m not bulls#@ting when I made this statement for my friend. I’mm a true believer and supporter.”

Maya Aviezer || RUNNER

“I noticed a huge difference in my sprint workouts in terms of recovery in between sets. Long distance jogs I felt more relaxed because I was reminded to breath out of my nose, which was effortless with the band. Sleeping was EPIC as well. I sleep like a rock with the band on, which is amazing for me because my recovery is even more important than the training at times. Weight sessions I felt a difference again in terms of my more relaxed breathing. Kept me centered and because of that I was able to focus more and power through the session. Overall it’s AMAZING and I actually really love it. Wasn’t sure at first if it would benefit me because I’m a sprinter but it did help just in a different way than I expected!”

Soon available at good dealers and online from 454 Unlimited.