SKF Bearings and Seals

SKF Bearings & Seals MotorcyclesSKF Wheel Seals and Spacer Kit

> Customized design and material
> Increased sealing efficiency with reduced friction and very low power loss
> Spacer included for an ideal seal running surface and optimum seal performance
> Superior contamination protection for longer wheel bearing life
> Resistance to high pressure water wash with patented integrated rotating plastic shield
> Longer service intervals
> Overall higher reliability for continued high performance of the motorcycle

SKF Fork and Dust Seals Kit

> Consists of 1x oil seal – 1x dust seal
> SKF seal kits are developed to achieve superior sealing performance.
> Self-lubricating compound.
>Keeps oil in and contaminants out of the fork, while virtually eliminating stick-slip and improving performance by reducing friction.
> 5 STARS in Motocross Action (see below image)

SKF Shock Seal Head Kit

> All in one integrated monotube seal design
> Shock shaft seal
> Shock seal head/body seal
> Shock top our rubber
> Low friction materials and design
> Less friction = less heat!
> Longer seal life and durability
> Available for KYB, Showa, & WP Shocks

Fork Mud Scraper

SKF mud scraper
> Ready-to-use solution that can be installed quickly during muddy conditions to prevent seal and bushing damage. Even without the need to dismantle the wheel.

> The Mud Scraper is designed to scrape! It will constantly clean your tubes removing hard, dried particles leaving to the dust seal the job to keep out water and powder.


The best fork seals available today – SKF Fork Seals.

skf fork seals


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